Our Story

NEO’s Co-Founder, Ethan Gibson moved to Pennsylvania when he was 17 years old. Having little experience with the northern United States, he became fascinated by the region’s illustrious cities as well as its quiet towns and rolling hills. Fortunately for him, his longtime friend and business partner, Tilman Gromme shared his excitement. They both grew to love the scores of private college and the eclectic mood of the region’s architecture and culture that reminds us of its earlier days.

Ethan’s move to the north meant traveling to New York City, enjoying the many lakes and rivers Pennsylvania has to offer, as well as taking the time to experience the history of the region all while living to see it change and grow. New England Outfitters is a product of the values that inspired us to create this brand our love of the American northeast. We work hard on designing quality clothing and products that showcase the north, but more importantly, we give those who do business with us a medium by which to express their inner creativity. New England Outfitters is a #StyleWorthLiving and we pride ourselves on that achievement.

Today, NEO is a growing company. We continue to become an intrinsic part of more and more wardrobes and inspire people in the north to express the unique features New England America has to offer.